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The greatest gift you could possibly give your family (and yourself) is the gift of good health - which is why we're glad you've discovered Sumbursky Chiropractic LLC in Jacksonville FL. Our clinic is a proud provider of all-natural health, wellness, pain management, and injury rehabilitation services for Jacksonville, Julington Creek, and Mandarin in FL. Our chiropractor, Dr. Justin Tinker, is a graduate of Life University, and he continues to fine-tune and update his education is such specialized areas as prenatal/pediatric adjustment, nutrition, and functional neurology. 

CBP Trained Chiropractorpatients choice winner 2015

Sambursky Chiropractic is ranked in the Top Jacksonville Chiropractic practices in 2015.
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Safe Non-Invasive Services at Our Clinic

If you're less than happy with modern medicine's tendencies to throw drugs and surgery at so many different health challenges, you'll be relieved to know that Sumbursky Chiropractic LLC can resolve or manage many of those same issues purely through conservative treatment methods. Our safe, non-invasive services and techniques include:

Joint manipulation - In addition to traditional manual chiropractic adjustments, our chiropractor can employ the Activator Technique for precise, gentle, instrument-assisted correction of joint misalignment issues. Flexion distraction is another useful technique for creating more space within the spinal column and reliving disc-related pain.
Corrective exercises - We can prescribe individualized therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise plans aimed to strengthen key muscles and/or extending your range of motion.
Electrical therapies - Electrical muscle stimulation and interferential stimulation can ease muscle tightness, spasms, and pain.
Laser therapy and ultrasound - These two technologies can help your body heal while relieving inflammation.
Diagnostic technologies - We use digital X-rays and a computerized technique called SEMG to pinpoint sources of discomfort.

Effective Treatment for a Variety of Conditions

The strategic combination of the healing modalities listed above can prove both potent and versatile. By mixing and matching the right therapies, our chiropractor can treat an amazingly wide range of conditions. Turn to Sumbursky Chiropractic LLC for solutions to back pain, neck pain, extremity pain, sciatica, prenatal aches and pains, and injuries such as auto accident, workplace, and sports injuries. Our ability to optimize nerve function can even help with pediatric health problems (including colic and asthma), systemic disorders, and chronic pain conditions, as well as serving as a powerful preventative wellness tool for all ages.

Contact Sambursky Chiropractic LLC in Jacksonville, FL and  Make Your Appointment by Phone or Online!

Sumbursky Chiropractic LLC could become one of your family's greatest allies in your ongoing quest to feel better, get healthy, and stay well. Call our Jacksonville, FL office at (904) 683-4376 or use our online scheduler to set up your first visit.

New Hours of Operation Beginning July, 30 2018

Monday - Thursday: 8am-12pm and 3pm-6:30pm.

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Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Meet the Chiropractor

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Justin Tinker

    After completing core biology coursework at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah Georgia, Dr. Justin Tinker moved to Atlanta, Georgia to complete undergraduate studies at Life University. Where he went on to earn his doctorate of chiropractic.

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Success Stories

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I can’t even explain or begin to say enough nice things about this place. The staff is very professional, kind, and warm welcoming. Dr. Tinker is definitely one of a kind. Not only does he listen to your problems, he goes above and beyond with detailed reasons and solutions. If you are in need of a chiropractor then look no further. Would definitely recommend and will thoroughly enjoy the rest of my visits."
    Brian W.
  • "If you are looking for a second opinion or just a new more searching!!!
    Dr. Tinker will explain you with details what exactly you need and then he will provide the best adjustments you will ever experience. I’ve been through many Chiropractors and I can assure you will not need to look further after you first visit. The staff is incredible! Very professional and you will be treated as a new part of the family. I love this place! Thank you Sambursky team for a great service!"
    Ricky R.
  • "I've been seeing Chiropractors since I was about 7 years old so I consider myself a bit of an expert. I've been to rough guys who made you wonder if they were doing more bad than good. I've been to ones who focused on selling you supplements instead of making you feel better. And I've been to those that just seemed to be intetested in how much they could get out of my insurance company for physical therapy. At Sambursky Chiropractic, Dr. Tinker focuses on making you feel better! It's that plain and simple. It's about your health and comfort. And everyone on staff makes you feel good that you came in."
    Cindy B.
  • "I highly recommend Sambursky Chiropractic! I had been dealing with some shoulder, neck and lower back pain for about 2 years and I had finally had it. I went to physical therapy first and did not receive any relief. On a whim I tried a chiropractor. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive at first. However, after meeting the team at Sambursky, that feeling went away. They were so kind and caring. Dr. Tinker took his time to explain the pain I was experiencing and started me on a regimen that brought me relief. I was impressed! I still am! It’s also extremely affordable. It’s a win win situation. If you’ve been dealing with acute or chronic pain and thinking there’s no way out, I’m here as a believer to tell you that Sambursky Chiropractic can help you!"
  • "Dr. Tinker is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been too! He takes his time to explain what you’re experiencing and makes you feel comfortable and cared for. The staff is very kind and they are always ready to answer any questions and accommodate their patients. I love this place !"
    Francis F.
  • "Dr. Tinker and his staff are amazing! Incredibly friend with above and beyond service. Dr. Tinker fixed my neck pain with just one adjustment. They have top of the line equipment and knowledge. There's nowhere else I would go for chiropractic care."
    Cat A.
  • "I haven't felt this good in a long time. My feet no longer hurt at the end of the day and I can walk pain free.
    The office staff is friendly and amazing! I love this office."
    Kristin G.
  • "I haven't felt this good in a long time. My feet no longer hurt at the end of the day and I can walk pain free.
    The office staff is friendly and amazing! I love this office."
    Kristin G.
  • "I thought I needed a new back, turns out I just needed Sambursky Chiropractic. Feeling like a new woman thanks to Dr. Tinker! Wonderful staff, wonderful treatment! I am so Blessed to have found them!"
    Donna S.

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