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Whiplash in Jacksonville FL is a potentially devastating injury that can impact far more than your ability to run your head side to side without pain. This injury to the cervical spine, vertebral discs, and supporting tissues can cause a host of unpleasant or even debilitating symptoms that may keep you from doing your job, looking after your family, or performing the simplest everyday tasks without pain. If you have sustained whiplash, concussion, or another auto accident injury, you should know that our Jacksonville chiropractor at Core Chiropractic in Jacksonville can play a pivotal role in your relief and recovery.


The cervical region of the spinal column is highly vulnerable to injury. This assembly of muscles, vertebrae, and cushioning discs provides protection for the spinal cord while also supporting the full weight of the head, at the same time allowing for many different types of motion. The weight of the head works against the neck in an auto accident impact. Even a low-speed impact transfers a considerable amount of force that jolts the body -- and while your torso by be restrained by a shoulder harness, your head is still free to fly forward. The force of this motion is so strong that it "whips" the upper cervical spine, tearing muscles, shifting vertebrae, and herniating discs. (The brain may even bounce against the inside of the skull, producing a brain injury known as a concussion.)

The side symptoms of whiplash are as varied as they are uncomfortable. Neck pain and stiffness due to soft tissue damage are the most well-known problems, but they may be just the tip of the iceberg. Herniated discs can press against the cervical nerve roots or even the spinal cord itself, causing tingling sensations, shooting pains or numbness, and weakness in your arms and hands. The disrupted nerve function may also cause you to suffer from headaches, migraines, facial or jaw pain, dizziness, nausea, depression, confusion, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and blurring of vision.


Whiplash is not likely to resolve it; on the contrary, the symptoms may get worse and worse as internal scar formations called adhesions to begin to develop over your damaged tissues, adding to your stiffness and pain. Bring your auto accident injury to our Jacksonville chiropractor, Dr. Tinker, as soon as possible. Dr. Tinker will conduct a detailed physical evaluation, including x-rays and spinal screening, to ascertain the extent of the damage. We can then develop a safe, effective, non-surgical treatment plan incorporating techniques such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustment - Spinal manipulation can fix alignment issues in your cervical spine so that your head sits properly straight on your neck; this is also a key factor in treating the dizziness associated with both whiplash and post-concussion syndrome.
    Flexion/distraction - This technique applies a certain amount of distraction force to the cervical spine. The resulting vacuum pressure between vertebrae can help herniated discs return to their original position.
  • Exercises - Corrective and strengthening exercises can ensure that soft tissues heal normally instead of developing adhesions and stiffening up. This form of rehabilitation can help you rebuild the strength and flexibility in your neck.
  • Physiotherapy - We offer a variety of physiotherapy techniques including laser therapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, and interferential electro-therapy. These techniques can all complement each other to relieve your pain and help you recover more quickly.

Our chiropractic team is ready to help you overcome your whiplash and start living pain-free again. Contact Core Chiropractic in Jacksonville to start experiencing relief today.

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