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Golf and other sports should be relaxing and fun, but they often lead to elbow pain when players place too much stress on arms that aren't in as good a shape as the players thought. A common injury is elbow tendonitis, which can take a few forms depending on which tendons specifically have been injured. One form is golfer's elbow, which can be annoyingly painful and prevent people from not only playing golf but from using their arms normally in everyday life. Golfer's elbow in Jacksonville FL is something you can recover from, however, with the right treatment. Core Chiropractic can help.


Elbow tendinitis from sports, in general, is called epicondylitis. Golfer's elbow, also called baseball elbow, is medial epicondylitis; pain occurs on the inside of the elbow.

Medial epicondylitis occurs when you repeatedly curl your palm toward the inside of your wrist and your forearm, as you might during a golf swing. It's a form of repetitive stress injury. You don't actually have to play golf, or any sport, to develop the condition; any time you repeatedly make that movement, especially for over two hours daily, you risk damage to the tendon.


Golfer's elbow is generally treatable, especially in milder cases. Most treatments are fairly conservative, ranging from ice, rest, and anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen to chiropractic treatments to relieve stress on surrounding muscles. More serious cases may need corticosteroids, and severe cases may need surgery, though it's rare for the condition to reach that point.

Treating golfer's elbow focuses on pain relief, tendon repair, and prevention of additional flareups. The frustrating thing about the condition is that it can take rest and time for a full recovery -- not something someone wants to hear as optimal golf weather passes by -- but in time, the condition does get better. A visit to a Jacksonville chiropractor can help you with pain relief.

Golfer's elbow doesn't have to be a nagging problem that curtails your golf game. Call Core Chiropractic to arrange for a consultation in the Julington Creek and Mandarin areas. Start on the road to recovery now.

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