Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had such an amazing experience with this office! I have been suffering with left shoulder and lower back pain for so long, but after coming here I felt like a new woman! I most definitely recommend Core Chiropractic for anyone in this area having pain or chiropractic concerns! They have a great staff and a lovely office! Go check them out!!"

- Tiffany G.

"Fell in love with this place the first day I went! Everyone is so kind and welcoming which made me really happy. I came in because I hurt my lower back pretty bad and have had several adjustments in the last month. My back pain is completely gone! And I have been sleeping better. Many thanks to Dr. Tinker"

- Victoria A.

"Cannot recommend them enough, from the staff to the doc this practice is amazing.
If you need a good, honest chiropractor, this is the one for you."

- Stephanie M.

"Thank you so much to Dr Tinker & his staff for repairing my neck and back! I came from another chiro office that had created a ton of instability in my neck which resulted in a herniated disc. Dr Tinker was right on it and got me fixed up in no time. His adjustments are unlike any other and he actually takes the time to find out what’s going on with my system during each visit. Definitely the best of individualized care. We take our children as well and they love him. I’m back to lifting heavy and crushing workouts! Thank you Dr Tinker!"

- Laura G.

"Dr. Justin Tinker is so knowledgeable, always teaching his patients self-care and maintenance practices. He does a great job of assessing the patient's needs and creating a strategic plan for care. His staff is fantastic...I highly recommend you make an appointment very soon! I am so glad I did"

- Beth B.

"Dr. Tinker and his staff are excellent. They take the time to know you! Highly recommend."

- Alicia L.

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