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If you are looking for a safe, non-invasive treatment option that avoids surgery and medication, then chiropractic care in Jacksonville FL is the way to go. Our chiropractic team is capable of resolving a wide variety of conditions. Our most effective services are listed below.


  • Joint manipulation - Our chiropractor is capable of performing skilled joint manipulation techniques, including traditional manual chiropractic adjustment, the activator technique for joint misalignment, and flexion distraction to create pain relief for the spinal column and its discs.
  • Corrective exercise - We prescribe individualized exercise plans that focus on rehabilitation and strengthening of the body.
  • Electrical therapy - Electrical muscle stimulation is a technique known to ease muscle tension, pain, and spasms.
  • Diagnostic technologies - We use computerized images, digital X-rays, and other diagnostic tools to accurately assess a patient's condition.
  • Massage therapy - This ancient technique creates relaxation for the patient, which in turn promotes better blood circulation for the body's muscle fibers and soft tissues.

At Core Chiropractic, our team wants to become an ally to you and your family's journey toward better health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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