Back Pain Advice From Your Jacksonville FL Chiropractor

Back Pain Advice From Your Jacksonville FL Chiropractor

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Most people are no strangers to back pain. While some have more severe back pain than others, I think we can all agree that it can be frustrating and should be avoided at all costs.

Your chiropractor in Jacksonville FL has advice to help you conquer your back pain:

Regular Exercise in Jacksonville FL

Exercising often is one of the best ways to stay healthy and avoid back pain. By exercising daily, you strengthen the muscles throughout your body that your back depends on to remain upright. Be sure to mix up your exercises with both aerobic and anaerobic types.

Use Good Form

Whenever you pick up any object be sure to not arch your back. By keeping good posture throughout daily tasks, you allow your body to utilize your other muscles. In the case of picking up heavy objects, you should always rely on the powerful muscles in your legs.

Avoid Sitting

The human body is ultra flexible for a reason, we were built to move! For those individuals with a desk job, be sure to carve out time for exercise wherever possible. Whether it is opting for the stairs or taking a walk during your lunch break, every little bit helps.

Sleep Comfortably

Getting a good night’s sleep is woefully underrated. After a long day, your body needs to recuperate. You should help your body do just that by providing it a proper mattress that gives your body support and a pillow that supports your neck.

No Belly Sleepers

There is a large proportion of people who enjoy sleeping on their belly. Unfortunately, this is the worst position since it does not allow the back to properly decompress at night. Always sleep on your back or side to improve your back health.

Optimize Your Desk

If your desk does not allow you to stand up from time to time, if your hands hurt after typing all day, and your chair is rigid, it might be time to pay up for a more ergonomic workspace. Not only will your body thank you, but your productivity will also likely increase as well.

Contact Core Chiropractic in Jacksonville FL for more tips on nipping back pain in the bud.

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